3D Scanning

Common Applications
  • Replacement of discontinued or damaged part

  • Part digitization for spatial reference

  • STEP file creation for molds and packaging

  • 3D character modelling

3D Scanning

Our 3D scanners generate high accuracy files made up of millions of data points. These can be converted to STL, OBJ, PLY, and other files. These files can be 3D printed, modified, or used to generate editable CAD files for further modification and processing. 3D scanning combined with 3D printing allows rapid and accurate recreation and alteration of physical objects.

226K pts/sq.in.

0.01mm resolution

5 sec per scan

Sizes: 1 in - 8 ft

Part Digitization

Quickly generate digital files of a physical object with 3D scanning

Remote Control

PCB 3D scan

In order to design around and alter these drone remote control components we 3D scanned separately the enclosure, mount, PCB, and grips in order to provide our customer with exact spatial files of the parts of interest.


compressor 3D scan

This 15lb compressor was 3D scanned at multiple orientations, cleaned, aligned, and fused to provide a digital copy for our client. By having an exact digital replica of the compressor our client was able to design an assembly and enclosure around the part.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering can be used to create files of a component that are otherwise unavailable.

Motorcycle Odometer Gear

motorcycle gear

Our client was refurbishing an old motorcycle and needed help recreating a small gear used to turn the numbers on the odometer. We 3D scanned the existing gear for reference and generated a CAD file matching its dimensions. We 3D printed the final file in Formlabs Tough resin.

Pistol Handle

firearm handle

We were tasked with redesigning a firearm grip for prototyping purposes. The interior of the grip needed to be matched precisely, while the outside needed to be smoothed. After 3D scanning the part we generated an editable CAD file of the part for further processing by our client.

Part Modification

Part modification or re-engineering can be used to modify an existing part and 3D print a prototype in days.

Christmas Ornament

3d scanned and repaired ornament

This unreplaceable angel ornament had a broken wing. We 3D scanned the ornament to create an STL file. A reflected copy of the existing wing was generated by mirroring and touching up the existing wing in our processing software. We matched the bottom of the wing to the broken edge and 3D printed it. To finish the wing we sanded, glued, and painted the wings to match one another.

Disc Golf

disc golf disc file

This project introduced us to the subtleties of throwing discs. We 3D scanned multiple driver, mid-range, and putter discs and combined the bottoms and tops in order to achieve different properties all while preserving regulated dimensions.

Human Scanning

3D scanning people and other figures can be used for sculpture creation, character modelling, cosplay, animation, and more.

Scanning a Highschool Legend

3D scanned human bust

Fr Rich Elmer is one of the most famous faculty members at Detroit Central Catholic. The school wanted to 3D scan his figure in order to create an accurate bronze statue on campus. We used our mobile scanner to capture all features necessary for the bronze sculptors.

Scanning a Wounded Veteran

3D scanning a human

We worked with creative agency Leo Burnett Detroit to 3D scan and 3D print figures of an airborne infantryman whose military career was drastically altered when he was struck by a roadside IED while on tour in Iraq.

Our team 3D scanned Bobby in a weightlifting pose, performed some additional design work, and created a custom army-man figurine. We then 3D printed 150 Bobby Body toy soldiers as promotional items for their event.

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