Display Models

We’ve created hundreds of display models that are used for training purposes, trade shows, and gifts. We offer both high detail models as well as simple recreations. Our models can be customized to include detachable and interactive pieces. Some of our clients use 3D printed models for spatial planning while others use high fidelity models for sales and marketing.

Trade Show Models

tradeshow model of on-site refueling station

Trade show models can highlight key features of a product or help visualize the layout of equipment at a new site.

Desktop Pieces

3D printed human bust

Whether for personal use or a gift easily 3D print trinkets and objects.


youtube custom goat award

Custom awards and trophies are perfect to symbolize achievements for which generic awards are not adequate.

Architectural Models

train station scale model

Whether for a massing study or a highly detailed replica of Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris building models can convey features and shapes that digital renders cannot.


ebay shoe event with 3d printed shoes

3D-printing many replicas or crafting the perfect center piece for a pop-up shop or party can be a great way to make your event memorable.


toyota sign for professors

Make custom signage with 3D printing and various levels of post-processing. We create colorful personalized signs with depth and intrigue.

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