Our 3D Printing services are used for rapid prototyping, bridge to production, replacement parts, art pieces, and more. We have a wide range of machines and materials for any application. 

  • Prototypes
  • Jigs, Fixtures, Fittings
  • Display Models

We offer 3D Design in the form of CAD, 2D engineering drawings, and sculptural modelling.. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their ideas are accurately translated to digital files. We can help you with your project at any stage from conception to final revision cycles. Our software is compatible with most 3D file types and we can provide a range of files for completed jobs.

  • CAD Work
  • Prototyping
  • Engineering Drawings

Our 3D Scanning services can be used for reverse engineering, spatial referencing, part modification, and more. With an array of solid-state lasers, custom image sensing technology, and state of the art software our scanner can produce high fidelity files with accuracy down to 127 microns. Export options include STL, OBJ, PLY, and (with additional processing) editable CAD files.

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Part Replication
  • Spatial Referencing

We offer machine set up, maintenance, and Gcode prep. We offer both on-site maintenance and machine drop-off/shipping. 

  • 3D Printer Repair
  • 3D Printer Consulting
  • 3D Printer Training