Whether you have an idea, a sketch, or a final product in need of revisions our designers can help you achieve your design goals.

invention system file

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

CAD software is used to generate, modify, or revise designs. These files can be 3D printed, injection molded, milled or be used for mechanical and thermal stress analysis. Our designers work closely with our clients to understand the scopes of their projects. We use our design services to recreate components, modify existing files or parts, and fine-tune final stage projects by adjusting tolerances, geometries, and other features for optimal performance.

engineering drawing of invention

2D Design and Rendering

Our CAD software also allows us to generate 2D engineering and patent sketches as well as generate high quality renders. Patent sketches can be provided for the individual inventor, and renders and drawings can be used for marketing and presentation materials. Other use cases include converting 3D files to 2D drawings and vice versa.

cow plant

3D Sculpting

3D sculpting or soft modelling can be used for character design, ergonomics optimization, and other organic modelling. Our software allows us to combine smooth organic contours with precise geometric shapes. These modelling services can be used for creating digital models, 3D printed figures, and even silicone molding and material casting.

3d scanner in action

3D Scanning is used to digitize a physical object for the purpose of archiving, replicating, modifying, and further processing. Our 3D scanners achieve high accuracy files that are compatible with all 3D modelling software.

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